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Cooking potatoes in a small amount of water – step by step manual

Cooking potatoes in a small amount of water

1. Wash the potatoes thoroughly. They can remain damp. After
washing put them into a cold dish, so that they fill not more than 2/3 of the dish. Add 2-3 spoons of water or more, if it is the biggest dish and there are many potatoes. Cover the dish with lid and turn the heat on.

2. When the indicator of the thermometer is on the green field, you can drive the heat down. While cooking with the heat on, one should prevent the thermometer indicator from entering the red field. Do not put the lid off until the end of the cooking.

3. We suggest to turn off the heat in the middle of the standard time of cooking the meal. After switching the heat off, the potatoes will be cooking due to the energy accumulated in the indicative bottom of the dish.

4. In case of need (e.g. the temperature in the dish has been too high), add a spoon or two of water when cooking. You can also stir the ingredients.

5. Potatoes cooked this way maintain the multitude of aromas and nutrients, so they do not have to be salted neither before nor after the cooking.

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