Frying with a little amount of oil – step by step manual

Frying with a little amount of oil

Frying pancakes, scrambled eggs, potato cakes, drop
scones – step by step.
You have to begin with heating up the pan properly - it must not be heated too much. Make a water drop test. If the water drops are sliding on the surface of the pan, that means the pan is heated up too much. Turn off the energy source and wait until the frying pan cools down a bit. As a result of the water drop test, the water should rather evaporate immediately after the contact with the frying pan.
· 2. Now cover the frying pan with a thin layer of oil so that it can serve as a filter, located between the frying pan and the product fried, e.g. using a special small brush or olive oil in spray. When frying e.g. pancakes or drop scones the heat can be turned off for a time of frying.
While frying this kind of dishes one should prevent the frying pan from being not heated too much – in such a case, the meal will burn down.
· 3. Scrambled eggs require the lowest heat of the frying pan. It has to be heated up in such a way, that the water test will indicate the water evaporating. Turn off the heat, and only then you should fry the scrambled eggs – otherwise it may burn and stick to the surface of the pan. On case of scrambled eggs the oil filter is required.

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