Can I fry pancakes without oil?

Frying pancakes

Frying this kind of meal (e.g. scrambled eggs, pancakes,
potato pancakes, coated pork chops) requires using an oil filter, in other words, a thin layer of oil, which will make a filter between the frying pan and a meal, preventing it from being burnt – it is important because not every meal can be fried without oil. When frying this kind of meals, you must not heat the frying pan up to the water test temperature. Therefore, the frying pan must not be heated maximally, but is has rather to be heated evenly. How to verify it? It the water drops thrown on the frying pan ‘dance’ on its surface, the pan is heated too much. The energy source has to be switched off, and you have to wait for the frying pan to cool down a bit. The water drops should evaporate as soon as they reach the frying pan surface – this will mean that the oil filter can be put and scrambled eggs can be made. This frying technique is applicable both when frying on a special bottom, or on a ceramic frying pan.

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