Cooking without oil on the special bottom frying pan – step by step manual

Frying meat on the special bottom frying pan

Frying meat without coating, with or without marinade – step by step
1. Put the special bottom frying pan on the heat. Cover it with a lid. When the thermometer indicator is located on the green field (about 2-5 minutes depending the kind of heat energy source), check the temperature of the pan using the water drop test – if the water drops slide on the surface of the pan, that means the pan is heated up properly, but when the water evaporates – the frying pan is not still hot enough for meat to be fried.
2. Put the meat you have prepared before on the frying pan heated up properly. Begin to fry under the cover, looking after the thermometer indicator, so that it is not on the red field. If the thermometer indicator is on the red field, turn the energy off. Contact with hot bottom of the frying pan will cause the meat pores to close, and it will be prone to stick to the bottom. In such a case do not detach it, instead let it to fry unrestrained. After a couple of minutes, the meat will depart from the bottom by itself. The exact time depends on the kind of meat.
3. After the normal time of frying the specific kind of meat – e.g. 3- 5 minutes for a chicken filet, put the meat on the other side. If it is a delicate and soft meat (chicken filet) – after putting the meat on the other side, turn off the heat and cover the dish once again with a lid. The meat will fry properly due to the energy accumulated in the inductive, gathering the heat, bottom of the pan. We continue frying with the heat off, taking into account the proper time of baking this specific kind of meat and the size of a portion.
4. The frying pan, on which the meat is being fried, can be covered with a lid, which makes the meat steamy and juicy. If it has to remain crispy, it would be better if the frying pan remains uncovered.
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