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What are the term of Philipiak dishes‘ warranty?

Warranty terms

1. The PHILIPIAK POLAND Company, hereinafter referred to as the Warrantor, ensures high quality and good performance of used equipment, when used as intended and according to the operations manual.
2. In case when the equipment is delivered to the maintenance working in order, the costs of technical examination and testing is born by the claimant.
3. The warranty includes defects of the equipment caused by broken parts or by manufacturing defect, revealed within 20 years from the date of purchase. Defects revealed within the above period are removed free of charge, by the authorized service centre within 30 from the date of delivery to the service point.
4. To exercise the rights vested in the warranty terms, the Customer should present written charges related with the performance of the device, and deliver the faulty product in person or through the courier in the original package to the Warrantor’s address (together with a copy of the proof of payment). In case of original package missing, the risk of equipment damaged during the transport to and from the service point is born by the claimant.
5. The Warrantor’s claims department should process the claim not later than 14 days from the date of receiving the product. If the circumstances of the claim do not allow for finishing the complaints procedure within the above deadline, the decision will be made after explaining all important circumstances of the complaint.
6. In the case of recognized claim, the Warrantor shall exchange the fault product for a brand-new one. The brand-new product shall be delivered to the Customer within the shortest possible time. Upon the exchange, the fault product is becoming a property of the Warrant.
7. If the Warrant do not recognize the claim, the device shall be returned to the Customer. In case when the Customer will not accept the product, it will be stored in a proper place at the expense of the Customer.
8. The responsibility on the warranty includes only defects by the reasons inherent of the purchased product.
9. The warranty does not include damages and defects caused by reasons other than inherent of the product, in particular caused by one of the reasons below:
• self-willed repairs, alterations or changes of construction, made by the user or by any other person not having a proper authorisation
• wrong, or non-compliant with the operations manual, using, storing or maintenance,
• mechanical, chemical, thermic etc. damages,
• damages caused by an external force (e.g. blackout, lightning etc.)
10. Entitlements pursuant to warranty granted can only be implemented after the Client presents valid warranty card and the purchase proof.
11. If any defects due to the producer’s fault are present in the product being still under the warranty after making 4 warranty repairs and that fact is proved by the service point, the purchaser has the right to have the product exchanged for a new one.
12. Claiming compensations on the basis of this warranty is possible on a whole territory of the Republic of Poland. This warranty does not exclude, limit or suspend entitlements of the Client caused by non-compliance of the product with the agreement.
NOTE: in case of a beak-down of the product, please contact the Warrantor. Every attempt to repair, made outside the Warrantor’s service department can result in the loss of warranty.
Terms of the warranty

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